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Ox Tails!

Ox Tails!! 🐄 

Hey y’all!

Maybe you’ve never had the opportunity to try ox tails, or maybe you just thought it sounded strange. In my years of culinary adventures, one thing I’ve learned is to never underestimate the foods that strike you as strange. I’ve found that those often end up being the most tasty! 

So let’s get out your pack of DCR ox tails.

I take full advantage of my crockpot and how convenient it is!

You’re gonna need 2 cups of beef broth. Personally I don’t like to use the store bought stuff. You can use water, it just won’t be quite as rich. What I do is take a Chuck roast and cook that, it produces a bunch of its own juices! I will either save that broth or just cook my next meal in those juices!

Place your ox tails into the broth. Put your crockpot on Low. I use simple seasonings, lightly cover in sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper and then add some rosemary (leaves or the sticks are fine). Roughly cut up one onion and put it on top of the meat and some around in the broth.

Personally I like to let it cook through the night then turn it down on warm until it’s time to serve. Basically you’re cooking on low for about 10 hrs.

Next, you’re gonna want to to make some rice. We like either Basmati or Jasmine. I use my rice cooker, again for the convenience factor. One cup of rice to two cups of water, or double it if you’re serving more folks. Easy! Once it’s cooked, fluff with a fork and add a little butter and sea salt.

Lay down bed of rice on your plate, put your ox tails on top and add a ladle of that delicious broth and onion over it all! 

Thank me later!!

Your Cook,


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