Date Creek - Pastured Meats


Our animals are 100% grass fed and hormone free, and live entirely on native forages, irrigated pasture, and occasionally some hay.  We do not use any antibiotics, steroids or hormones. We have an excellent meat processor who dry ages your meat (for tenderness and to enhance the flavor) for 14 days before processing it.

We sell our beef by the quarter.

Quarters are $ 8.80 per pound packaged weight.

Halves are  $ 8.25 per pound packaged weight.

Whole beeves are $ 7.75 per pound packaged weight.

grass fed beef organic local food ethical humane animal welfare


We raised a slower-growing and hardy breed of chickens known as Freedom Rangers. 

Once our chicks are old enough to withstand the elements, they are placed in their new homes - "chicken tractors", on our irrigated pasture. Each 'tractor' is moved to a fresh plot of grass daily. 

Raised as nature intended; sunshine, fresh air and all the insects they desire! 

Our feed is soy-free, non-GMO & Organic + what nature has to offer. 


pastured chicken soy-free gmo-free organic outdoors animal welfare


Our pigs are raised on a small, nearby, family-owned farm.  Being “down the road” neighbors and having been our friends for 35 years, we know they share the same values as we do. Now, we have taken to fully raising pigs. We still work with our friends, except we raise our piglets from them at a much younger age. This is to fully be aware and a part of – all feeds, environment and heritage.

NO SOY, NO GMOS IN OUR FEEDS. + Natural pickings; fallen apples, roots, forbes and whatever they can find in our open pastures

PRICE IS $ 8.95 PER POUND PACKAGED WEIGHT. A half animal will be about 55-70 pounds ~ $500 and $600

pork pastured ethical humane animal welfare organic soy-free gmo-free


Born to a near-by ranch, we raise the lamb at a young age to ensure they are healthy & eat native forage/no grains or corn. 

Our lamb is 100% gras-fed & grass-finished.

This mild flavored lamb is raised outside on the range without hormones and antibiotics 

Lamb is available in half or whole animals.

Cost is $9.75 per pound hanging weight.

Average cost per half lamb is $350 – $ 400.

You will receive approximately 30-40 pounds hanging weight per half lamb. Packaged weight is approximately 20% lower.    

lamb grass fed animal welfare organic pastured pasture