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How much space does a 1/4 take?

A 1/4 will take up about half of a small chest freezer - or 2- 3 shelves of an upright freezer. (16 cu ft)

Recommended for families of 3-4. 

How much space does a 1/2 take?

Will take up roughly half of a large UPRIGHT freezer - 20 cu ft. 

A 7.0 cu chest freezer should do just the job (pictured)

Recommended for large families (4+) or really hungry kids. 


How much space does a whole take?

Will take up all of a large UPRIGHT freezer - 20 cu ft. 

Recommended for large families (4+) or really, really hungry kids. (I grew up with 7 brothers..I know this first hand.)

Double the half!

How long can the meat hold?

I would not exceed 9-12 months. 

Our meats are wrapped in butcher paper, therefore not being air-tight. Exceeding the year can result in freezer burn - Pay attention to the meat!

How is it wrapped?

What are the cuts?

White butcher paper over plastic wrap. Your meat should be wrapped with parchment paper separating the plastic wrap & meat. 

1/4 - 25% steaks 35% Roasts & misc. cuts 40% ground beef (1 -1.2 lb packages)

1/2 - Custom cuts! Whatever you are looking for

Visit our cut list and see what the custom list looks like here!

Check out this awesome video to get a real break down of each cut!

Do I bring ice chests to pick-up?

You CAN. Your meat comes in a packed box. We will load your box of beef into your car for you - You can take the box. Meat is frozen solid - So a 45min drive home will be just fine (keep a/c on)


Is offal (organ meat) included? Bones?

YES! With your order of any size beef, you are welcome to: liver, tongue, heart, sweetbread, kidney as well as bones! 

Supply varies with each delivery.

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