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How much space does a 1/4 take?

A 1/4 will take up about half of a small chest freezer - or 2- 3 shelves of an upright freezer. (16 cu ft)

Recommended for families of 3-4. 

How much space does a 1/2 take?

Will take up roughly half of a large UPRIGHT freezer - 20 cu ft. 

A 7.0 cu chest freezer should do just the job (pictured)

Recommended for large families (4+) or really hungry kids. 


How much space does a whole take?

Will take up all of a large UPRIGHT freezer - 20 cu ft. 

Recommended for large families (4+) or really, really hungry kids. (I grew up with 7 brothers..I know this first hand.)

Double the half!

How long can the meat hold?

I would not exceed 9-12 months. 

Our meats are wrapped in butcher paper, therefore not being air-tight. Exceeding the year can result in freezer burn - Pay attention to the meat!

How is it wrapped?

White butcher paper over plastic wrap. We wrap this way to guarantee your meat for up to a year!

What are the cuts?

1/4 - 25% steaks 35% Roasts & misc. cuts 40% ground beef (1 -1.2 lb packages)

1/2 - Custom cuts! Whatever you are looking for

Visit our cut list and see what the custom list looks like here!

Check out this awesome video to get a real break down of each cut!

Do I bring ice chests to pick-up?

You CAN. Your meat comes in a packed box. We will load your box of beef into your car for you - You can take the box. Meat is frozen solid - So a 45min drive home will be just fine (keep a/c on)


Is offal (organ meat) included? Bones?

YES! With your order of any size beef, you are welcome to: liver, tongue, heart, sweetbread, kidney as well as bones! 

Supply varies with each delivery.

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