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date creek ranch local sustainable holistic organic food grass fed beef orchard pork lamb chicken

Date Creek Ranch is an environmentally healthy, diverse and socially responsible cattle ranch that strives for a healthy and happy atmosphere for wildlife, people, and livestock. We have been providing grass fed beef & lamb as well as pastured chickens and natural pork for local families since 1985.

Kimberley Knight & Stefan Wolf have brought Arizona families quality grass-fed beef and pastured pork for many years - Now the baton has been passed!​

 Ryan Barteau and Savannah Figueroa are now proudly serving all your pastured meat desires.  

Our biggest passion is providing you with a product you can feel good about. Health starts from our soils, and feeds everything we eat! Plants & animals alike - So, where your meal comes from can harm or heal you!

We always encourage visitors! Just call/text us at 928-231-9058 and we will coordinate a day to tour the ranch. 

organic beef lamb pork chicken local arizona az ranch organic food meat soy-free

 We treat all of our animals quietly, with respect, and gratitude. We believe we have an unwritten contract with all life here on the ranch. We give them the very best life we can and in turn they provide us with a means to feed our family.

We are predator friendly. We believe that all wildlife, including predators, play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

All of our meat is hormone and antibiotic free: Our beyond organic beef and lamb is 100% grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free, and lives entirely on native forages and irrigated pasture. Our chicken is a special, delightfully flavored breed from France that thrives on irrigated pasture. It is organic, non-GMO and soy-free. Our all natural pork is free of hormones, antibiotics, and is soy free.


Our organic pick your own peaches are typically ready for harvest in July and organic apples in September. We have not used any pesticides, chemicals or herbicides on our ranch since 1983.


Everything we produce is sold directly to you, our customer. 


Our cattle forage for their own feed all through the year, and when selling time comes they are finished on irrigated pasture.

They have never—and will never—know a feedlot or taste grain, soy or corn. Antibiotics and hormones have no place on our ranch because of our healthy and practiced grazing methods.

We work hand-in-hoof with our animals to sequester carbon, keep a nutrient-dense soil, and provide Arizona families with rich flavor and quality you can trust.

All of our animals intermingle to keep a healthy ecosystem for native plants and wildlife.


We pride ourselves in providing for our community!

In July, we have peaches to pick and in September, apples in our old family orchard. 

Our ranch is totally run on solar power, keeping in tune with our goal of sustainability.


Local, sustainable, holistic. Date Creek Ranch – From our pasture to your plate.

Savannah Figueroa & Ryan Barteau

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