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Our lamb is 100% grass-fed. 

We will be offering our own lambs when they become available through the year.

This mild flavored meat is raised on pasture, without hormones or antibiotics.

soy-free grass-fed grass fed organic food lamb open range pastured

Lamb is available in half or whole animals.

Cost is $12 per pound hanging weight.   

You will receive approximately 45-55 pounds hanging weight per half lamb.


Packaged weight is approximately 20% lower.

Special cutting instructions are available with the purchase of a whole animal.

 ½ Lamb Standard Cutting List

  • Loin chops

  • Shoulder chops 

  • Sirloin chops

  • Leg of lamb 

  • Ground lamb

  • Shanks

  • Ribs

If you have any questions please contact us at 928-231-9058

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