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As many of you know, by the years you've spent roaming the tree's at Date Creek, our Orchard is over 50 years old. We are sad to see the end of the Apples and the drop in production of our Peaches. 
That is how it goes. 

We will not have an open Peach picking event this year, due to drought and wildlife impact on our peaches.

We have been blessed with so many years of fruit picking on the ranch, we are at a loss for words. Thank you to everyone who has strolled our rows and sweat under the July sun and found shade by apple or peaches on either side. Thank you for sharing a moment of your life, your child or grandchilds life, with us. I hope we will have a spot in your memory as well! 
This year I am expecting my first babe, it makes me sad to see the Orchard finished before then. We will find a way to create an event to bring you out to us again. 

We are also sad to say the Apples have produced a record breaking 10 apples this year, so we will NOT have our annual Apple Fest in September. 
I still encourage you to make the day trip to Wickenburg, Arizona to enjoy the very cowboy town and the many pleasures our local producers have to offer! Coffee, Ice Creams, Bars & Shopping!

If you come across photos from your time picking here at the ranch; we would love to see them! Tag #DCRanchLife and we will walk down memory lane with you!


Thank you for your understanding and support over the years. 

-Savannah & Ryan

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