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Have a Heart!

Hey y’all! 

Welcome back! Hope everyone is enjoy all this early heat we’re getting, I sure ain’t! 🥵🤪 You’d think after being through 17 of these God-awful summers a body would be used to it… Just cause I’ll get out and work, and of course grill, in it doesn’t mean I like it. 

Let’s get to some cooking!

If y’all are anything like me, you don’t just get you meat from DCR because it’s some of the tastiest on the planet, you’re probably also interested in the fact than it’s grass-fed and not pumped full of a bunch of craziness that jacks with every system of your body! In other words you’re health conscious. With that in mind let’s start cooking with some of those wonderful organs!

Now, I know this might come as a shock to some of y’all, but I’m not a Doctor, Nurse, Healthcare profesional or even a Dietitian… (I am an Insurance Professional though if you ever need help in that realm)but my wife and I do try to stay studied up on these things as we treat our family with natural remedies. So a general rules that I’ve heard, to keep it simple, is when your eating a specific organ you’re strengthening that organ in your body because it contains the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes etc that are needed for the health of that organ. Obviously, by strengthening that organ then you elevate your overall health. That’s my simplified country boy way of understanding it. Here an article I found that explains it a bit further:

Another note on eating organ meat, folks used to eat it more regularly than they do these days and were generally more healthy. Chew on that. 🤷🏽‍♂️

So let’s take out that heart, not Indiana Jones style 😳, and get to cookin’! 

One thing you’ll notice is that the outside has a thicker layer on it, the inside chambers have a bit of thicker layer as well. So I start out first cutting it into sections and then use my knife to slice those tough layers from the inside and outside. Personally I give the scrap pieces to our little Shi Tzu and boy does he love them!

At this point you could take these cuts of meat and grill them like small steaks. But I’ll take it a different direction. I continue cutting it down into smaller strips and then dice it into about 1/2 inch cubes.

I get the cast iron skillet up to medium heat and get a sliced red onion cooking with some butter. Then I add the heart meat and cook that for about 6 minutes, if your cubes end up a little larger then you might cook it a little longer. I seasoned the meat with sea salt and fajita seasoning. 

My wife and kiddos enjoyed this as tacos on some corn tortillas

I’m currently limiting my intake of grains and carbs so I chopped up some cabbage and made a taco salad.

Now that’s a delicious and highly nutritious meal for your family! Enjoy y’all!

Your Cook,


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