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Homemade Breakfast Sausage - Cooks Corner

Hey Y’all

Welcome back! I hope y’all enjoyed that incredible brisket last time! I know we did, I actually made it for my birthday! I’ve never been one to have my wife cook for my birthday, she does still like to make a few things for me, but cooking is my happy place so I enjoy spending my birthday in front of the smoker or grill and she likes that I enjoy it and she also enjoys my cooking! ❤️

Today, let’s talk breakfast! Who doesn’t love a great breakfast! I mean, it’s such a tasty meal you can have it anytime of day! And what better addition to any great breakfast than some breakfast sausage! 

Go ahead and get out one package of DCR ground pork, or if you’ve got a bigger crew, grab two. Each package is roughly one pound, and that’s how much my seasoning recipe is good for. 

Combine the following seasonings in a bowl and mix together: 

(Remember little “t” is teaspoon and Big “T” is Tablespoon 😉)

  • 2 t Brown Sugar

  • 1 1/2 t Dried Sage

  • 1 1/2 t Sea Salt

  • 1/2 t Black Pepper 

  • 1/8 t Garlic Power

  • 1/8 t Dried Thyme

  • Pinch Cayenne Pepper 

  • Small Pinch Clove

Once you’ve mixed the seasonings together, pour it over top of the ground pork.

Here’s the fun part, get your hands dirty and mix it all together thoroughly.

Then start breaking off smaller balls, not too small as the fat will cook off and you still want some meat to your patty, roll it slightly into a ball and then start flattening it into a patty working your finger around the edge to keep them together. 

Get your cast iron skillet on the stove top over a medium heat (I have electric so if you have gas the temp might vary slightly).

Once the skillet is hot, start placing your patties around the pan. Once they have cooked a couple minutes on the first side go ahead and flip them, let them go a couple minutes on that side. From here flip them and let them cook a minute on each side.

The patty will start to get a brown crusty edge on each side.

To check the doneness you can cut one in half. You want an even brown all the way through, but it shouldn’t have all the juice cooked out of it.

From here take the patties off and place them on your serving plate.

Pour off some, but not all, of that pork fat.

In a separate bowl, beat up some fresh eggs you just gathered from your yardbirds, until they start getting a little fluffy, then pour them into the hot skillet with that yummy pork fat.

Y’all can thank me later! 🤤 Season it slightly with some sea salt and cracked pepper.

I don’t season it too much because people will typically add a little more to their taste.

When I’m scrambling eggs I like to use the turner and keep the eggs moving so they don’t get burnt and stuck to the bottom. Sometimes the kids distract me and I’m not as successful at that as I’d like, but they will still turn out great!

Maybe get some of your favorite bread, a fresh honey wheat or sourdough, toast it and slather a little butter on it and you’ve got you one mouth watering meal that you can enjoy anytime of day!

Enjoy y’all!

Your Cook,


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