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Fajita Friday!

Hey y’all

Welcome back! Just wanted to encourage all our readers to submit one of your personal favorite recipes! I know y’all have some lip-smackers!!! Go ahead and email Savannah with one that your family just can get enough of! Also, if you’re enjoying what I’m bringing you, feel free to hit the ❤️ or comment on one that you have tried or are going to! 

Tonight we’re serving up, Fajita Friday!!

Go ahead and grab a package of DCR Skirt Steak. Lay it out flat on your plate.

I sprinkle each side with some sea salt and some organic fajita seasoning. I actually don’t make this, I’m sure I easily could, but we can’t do everything! Right?! I grab mine from the bulk seasonings section at Sprouts. After I season each side, I cut one lime in half and squeeze that tangy goodness over the top side and leave for about 30 minutes.

At this point I go get the fire going in the grill and grab  my veggies. I used red bell peppers and a couple red onions. I cut the onions in half, and put the peppers and onions on the grill and turn them every minute or so. Some those tiny inside pieces of onion will probably end up falling through the grates, just let them fall they aren’t worth chasing and they add that extra bit of aroma to the fire.

Take your veggie off once they get a little charred most of the way around, not burn though. I cut the onions and peppers into long slices and toss them in the cast iron skillet (med heat) with a little DCR beef tallow and some sea salt! Get a little extra sear from the pan on these yummy veggies. 

Side note, you can make and incredibly moisturizing lotion from the tallow that is supper nourishing for your skin?!?! We sell ours on our IG (HERE!) for a fraction of what it cost at most places or it’s in our DIY EBook. Get a little extra sear from the pan on these yummy veggies.

Now put your skirt steak on your hot grill. Let it go a minute or so on each side and keep flipping it. I probably only let it cook for about 6-8 minutes…you know I can handle drying out this wonderful beef! Take it off the grill and let it rest a few minutes and then slice it into strips about the size of your pinky. 

Heat your cast iron griddle to about medium heat and slightly brown your tortillas, corn is our preference.

Top it how you’d like. Our toppings included sour cream, shredded cheddar, homemade guacamole, fresh cilantro and lime!

Now you’re talking!! Fajita Friday never tasted so good!! You might get a little messy with those amazing juices, but don’t waste it on a napkin, just lick your fingers!! Enjoy y’all!

Your Cook,


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