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Cooks Corner - Chili


My name is Craigan, Savannah graciously asked me to start sharing some of my cooking tips, tricks and recipes! My family and I love Date Creek Ranch and the amazing, healthy meats they produce! We were super fortunate to have a friend refer us this past summer and we are now on our 2nd 1/4 cow order! We love supporting local, family-owned business, as we operate a couple ourselves, and being able to source healthy meat for our family! 

I’m not a professional cook but I have a passion for grilling and cooking that has built my experience level over the past 30 years. I want encouragement everyone that as I begin sharing recipes and cooking tips, that you are welcome to send in your favorite recipes to be featured as well! We can totally come together as a community and family as we all know that the kitchen is an important location in the home where love in nurtured!

Today, I was thinking about what I was going to share with y’all for my first entry at the same time I was preparing dinner! So what better place to start than what was right in front of me. 😁 PS I’m a simple guy as you can already start to see! Lol! It’s been awhile since I prepared some chili and I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks! Although, we already passed our brief cold snap down here in Yuma, a good Chili will still warm your soul! I’ll start off by says, we do our best to use organic ingredients and try to provide fresh produce from our backyard here at our urban Homestead.

I made a hearty all meat chili today. I enjoy my beans as well but accented these delicious Date Creek Ranch (DCR) meats on this one.

Here’s my ingredients (I always adjust seasonings to taste so if I put a measurement, I typically don’t follow it strictly nor do I expect you to):


1 pack Date Creek hamburger

1 pack Date Creek Filet steaks

1 large onion (I used yellow)

4 large garlic cloves

32oz Tomato sauce

8oz blanched tomatoes (from our garden last year)

9 small-medium peppers. Choose your spice level!

2tsp sea salt (I used Redmans Real Salt)

1/2 tsp fresh cracked black pepper

1 tsp cumin

1tsp paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1-2 tsp cane sugar

2 tbs chilli powder

  • So I started chopping a large yellow onion, not too small. I put that in the cast iron skillet on med-high heat (my stove is electric) with a pat of grass-fed butter. I want to get a little caramelization on them but I don’t want them completely cooked too translucent since they will be cooking in the crock pot for a while. In the last few minutes I throw my garlic cloves in after slightly cracking them with the side of the knife blade (also makes them easier to peel).

  • While the onion is cooking I’m going ahead and putting the tomatoes and sauce into the crock pot on high setting.

  • Then I add the onions and garlic in.

Don’t worry if you leave a few onions in the skillet, your meat is going in next.

  • Place your hamburger meat in the skillet on medium heat and start breaking it apart.

Cut your steak into somewhat bite-sized pieces, trim off any tough parts and give your dog a treat.

  • Put your steak pieces in the skillet with the hamburger and continue cooking.

  • I go ahead and season the meat while it’s cooking:

  • Salt, cracked pepper, paprika to taste is what I used.

  • Once the the meat is browned, I put the at in the crock pot also.

  • Next, I chop my peppers, small but not too small and throw them in the crockpot. The peppers I went with was 1 hot Sha Shito (Asian) and 4 small Anaheim from my garden, then I added 4 organic sweet peppers from the store. I have to be careful not to make it too hot, my kids have a great pallet having me cooking for them but they are still pretty young.

  • At this point I add in all my seasonings. I keep it on high for about an hour and then stir and taste, adjust seasoning as you see fit. Turn it down on low and let it keep cooking for another couple hours. 

This chili is absolutely incredible! I hope you and your family love it as much as we did!! Thank you DCR for making it possible!!! ❤️

Your Cook,


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