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This is often what I hear when we are out at the delivery in Phoenix. As most of you know, we meet our Phx customers in the parking lot of Sportsmans Warehouse (we have a deal with them) and people drive by watching us pull boxes and boxes out of our quaint trailer.

I usually smile, wave, let them know we sell locally produced grass-fed beef, pass out cards – The usual.

I never get the chance to say what I really want – Mostly because it isn’t a quick answer. It doesn’t really have to do with beef, alone, and I tend to get carried away!

Yes, we are physically selling meats raised on pasture. We have pork, beef, lamb and chicken… But, so much more.


This is a conscious enterprise; we are very aware of what goes into the business and what leaves. Blood, sweat and tears have built the foundation of this business. It isn’t crazy innovative – We believe that ALL ‘food’ products should come straight from Mother Nature, exactly as she intended!

I want to empower each and everyone of you that you deserve the food your family desires.

Without chemicals, without side affects, pure and simple.

Making that first step towards reclaiming your food system. I still struggle with the life/death on this ranch (really, in all parts of life) but I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to have you as a customer!

When you buy from us, you’re NOT buying from the corporations that have lost sight of the bigger picture. You choose to value the life that was given, respecting the sacrifice and encouraging our goals.

“What are you selling?”

I guess you could say we are selling this crazy idea that we can start to change the world.

Working alongside our cattle to take carbon (which plants use to grow) and putting I the soil – For the sake of our future generations.

Our ultimate goal is to help in carbon sequestration – Reversing climate change – and feeding Arizona families.

We have big dreams out here; growing veggies, creating rock dams to better utilize our (rare) rainfall, setting up farm tours… For 4 people, on 38,000 acres, that is big deal.

You give the encouragement needed!

We are all on Team Earth, and we are starting to change. Spending habits, where we put our money, gardening & so much more!

Mini rant over, I’m sure I will pick this up again soon!

Thank you for reading & supporting your local farmers/ranchers!

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