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What is "Natural"?


You’re strolling the brightly lit and chilly frozen food aisle – Tonight is family dinner, your older kids have no plans with friends and your youngest child has had a wonderful day – Time to celebrate with their favorite on this beautiful, warm summer day… a nice chicken Caesar salad. Cool, crunchy AND (bonus?!) healthy! You’ve just made that homestyle Caesar dressing and it’s been killing you to bust it out!

Things have changed in the past few years. Instead of just grabbing the cheapest chicken, you’re now looking for that healthy, lean, natural chicken. It starts with the little changes, right? You’ve learned the difference between average store-bought chicken, and wholesome pastured and humanely raised meat. You made the switch a couple years ago, and every meal gets easier to find a product that is healthier for your family.

Scanning the laid out chicken, your eyes go to the same colored package you usually get – The green and yellow of Sanderson Farm