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What Is Holistic Management?

Wondering what holistic management looks like? What does this mean for Date Creek, our animals and you?

Here are 5 examples to better understand our diverse and regenerative practices:

1. YOU. Yeah, I'm talking about you. You play a much bigger piece than I think you realize! Your support gives us a chance to show you how this can be done! Your 'vote' with your dollar shows large corporations that cheap isn't better - Quality, is. Balance, is. Sustainability, is. You are the driving force behind Date Creek, for we couldn't do it without you. Keep it up, our world needs you.

2. Pasture raised chickens - Little clawed critters going through the cow pies, eating fly larvae & keeping the pest population to a minimum (because you never really want to eradicate everything!) The fertilize the grasses as they go! (Check out