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Range Reads - May 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

About a year ago, I disappeared. I didn’t actually disappear, I just disappeared from the blog. My apologies. Life has gotten away from me and my focus was on lots of other things. I promise I will do better.

Here’s a quick update of what has happened in the past year. Biggest news – Savannah and Ryan had a baby a couple of months ago—Arlo Hawk Barteau.

We are thrilled to have him join our family and I can’t wait to see him running around the ranch behind Enzo and Kieran, my other two grandsons. Soon Amberley and Josiah will have another child.

Goodness, we are getting a big, lively family around here and I love it!

We have been working hard, trying to find money for a conservation easement and two days ago our application for funding was approved. More details on that later. :-)

We got some pretty decent rains this spring so the cows are fat and happy. Whenever it rains, it is a time of celebration as everything that we do here is reliant on that precious moisture. I sure wish I could snap my fingers and call those rainstorms when I needed them! Lol. 

We also planted a garden – a big one!

Stefan and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. 26 years ago he and I moved to the ranch, raised Amberley and Ryan here, were in the pig business, "HOG HEAVEN" and eventually took over the ranch from my father after he passed away. Stefan and I are incredibly good partners – he keeps the ranch going mechanically and runs the office and I take care of the animals and the land. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our teamwork which now includes our kids and grandkids.  Happy days!

Just wanted to give you an update from my side of things, I'll be keeping you all more included on my range rides through the summer.

Thanks for sticking with us, I hope you follow along and see what I am up to in the next Range Read!

-Kimberley Knight

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