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Range Reads - June


My two most important jobs here at Date Creek Ranch are to take care of the cows and take care of the land. Taking care of the land means that I need to prepare the soil for the next rain, keep the soil covered with litter and plants as much as possible, and give plants a rest, so that it can regrow when it does rain. If it doesn’t rain for a few years, it can become very discouraging because you don’t have the water to make the plants grow and to see the result of my work. However, we had good monsoons last summer and excellent winter rains. The results are fantastic, and I am very pleased. The soil is extremely well covered with a huge diversity of plants. The insects are thriving, birds, and other wildlife are thriving, plants are healthy and diverse. The result is happy land = happy wildlife = happy cows = happy Kimberley. 😊

The saguaros are smiling too!

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