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Sunday May 26th

Today is supposed to be my day off, but because everybody is gone for the weekend, that means Stefan and I got our day off on Friday and we cover for everybody this weekend. We are quite happy to do this as they do it for us as well. One of the advantages of working with family. 😊

At this time of year, the cows move down onto the lower part of the ranch, which is across highway 93. I check on them every day to make sure they are happy, content, and are getting enough to eat. Each day I go with the expectation that I may need to move them to their new pasture. Based on their behavior, whether they look full or not, what the pasture looks like, I decide whether to rotate them to the next pasture or leave them where they are. Here are some photos of the cows at rest. They like coming together as a herd to chew their cud, get a drink of water and rest. Here they are looking content and happy.

These are my traveling companions today. They are with me constantly (except for Ronan and Joey as they are Ryan and Savannah‘s dogs and I have them today because their parents are gone for the day). I love having them!

On the left, we have Taylor, Ronan, and Joey.

But first, before we can check the cows, I need to go through the underpass with my quad and my dogs and as you can see from the picture there’s not a lot of room. The really surprising thing is the cows have to move through the underpass each day to get their water and then go back out to pasture. And they do it! Some cows just barely fit! But they do it without any hesitation whatsoever.

Happy trails,


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