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Flame Kissed London Broil

Hey Ya'll!

Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful spring we’re having! I know my garden is loving the warmth and extra rain we’ve been getting! 

Let’s jump right into this week’s delicious meal, and one of my favorite cuts- London Broil!! Seriously, I’ve always enjoyed a nice flame-kissed London Broil, so go ahead get out one of DCR’s finest!!

Go ahead and get the fire going in your grill. 

I keep my season very simple and to the point!

-Lightly coat with olive oil, add a good cover of sea salt and cracked pepper then I get some fresh rosemary from the garden.

-I strip the rosemary leave and put them right on the meat gently pressing them in.

Save the sticks and put them onto your fire just before your set the London Broil on the grate, it adds extra aromatics to the smoke as your meat cooks. 

Cook your meat for a few minutes on each side, and then continue to flip it for a minute or so on each side until you reach your desired doneness.

Traditionally you want to keep it more on the rare side. I prefer mine rare but will take it up to a medium rare to keep Momma happy. 😉

Take this amazing cut of meat off the fire and let it rest for about 5 minutes. The slice it across the grain into very thin slices.

Next, I head out to the garden and gather some ingredients for a salad. Mixed greens are wonderful, with some cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I dress it with some olive oil and aged balsamic, throw some feta cheese on top and you have perfection! 

I went ahead and whipped up some mashed potatoes to go along with this mouthwatering meal! Red skinned potatoes, leave the skins on. After boiling, pour the water off, add a half stick of butter cut into pats, I throw in about 1/3 cup sour cream. Blend with a hand mixer until somewhat smooth, add sea salt and pepper to taste.

Fellas, I’m gonna tell ya right now, this is an easy and incredible stay at home date night dinner to enjoy with your lady! 

The next day, take you leftover salad and cut up the meat into bite sized pieces and put it over the salad. You’ll find the meat taste great even chilled!


Your Cook,


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