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Cheeseburger in Paradise

Hey Y’all!

Welcome back to the Cooks Corner! I don’t know about you, but personally, I find the spring in Arizona to be absolute paradise! And what better way to enjoy this beautiful time of year than some delicious burgers on the grill! 

I start out with two packages of DCR ground hamburger meat.

Put that in the mixing bowl add some sea salt, black pepper, onion and garlic powder, 2 fresh eggs and a couple good handfuls of shredded cheese.

(I used cheddar this time but often times I use Monterey Jack as well.)

Time to get your hands dirty, and mix it all together.

Then pat them out into patties.

Start by rolling it into a ball, whatever size you like, then flatten it out a bit and put a small little divot in the middle.

I usually make some that are fairly small for my little kiddos, basically sliders.

At this point, you wanna head out to your grill and get that fire going.

Once it nice and hot, place your Pattie’s right over the fire for a few minutes and then flip them. Let them go another few minutes on the other side, giving the outside a nice crust. 

Once you get the initial crust on each side, you can go one of two ways:

1. Continue to flip the burgers, giving them a minute or two on each side until you reach your desired doneness.

2. Slide the burgers over to the part of the grill that doesn’t have the fire directly under it, close the top and allow them to smoke with the charcoal for several minutes until you reach your desired doneness. Before closing the top, you could even throw a handful of chips like mesquite, or hickory directly on the fire to give a little extra smoke flavor.

I personally don’t normally add cheese directly on top of the burger since I’ve already put all that yummy shredded cheese that’s melting throughout the burger. 

We like to use those Hawaiian sweet rolls as our buns. Use whatever yummy toppings that suits your fancy, and ENJOY!!! 

Your Cook,


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