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Cooks Corner - Just a Chuck?

Hey Y’all!!

Welcome back to Cook’s Corner, where I’m sharing recipes, tips and tricks to prepare some mouth watering meals highlighting Date Creek Ranch’s (DCR) incredible meats!! 

I hope y’all enjoyed the beefy chili I shared with ya last time, I know my family did!! 

So for this week, I wanted to share one of our family’s go-to meals! The whole “Taco Tuesday” has become quite a thing. Well we don’t adhere to a specific day to have tacos, but we sure do love them…and we do it super easy which is helpful with all that we have going on. The hardest part of this recipe is literally remembering to pull your Chuck Roast out of the freezer 2-3 day ahead so that it’s thawed in time.

So here’s what you need:

1 DCR Chuck Roast (I say 1, but y’all know how they vary in size, so depending on the size of your family and/or the amount of left overs you want you might use 2)

  • Often I’ll put the roast in the crockpot (yes, I use the crockpot often since it makes things that much easier) the night before, just before we go to bed.

  • Season it to taste with sea salt (I give it a good coating), fresh cracked pepper all over, garlic powder and onion powder or minced.

If you remember the tip from the back of your DCR receipt, hopefully you didn’t just throw it away, don’t add any liquid because the roast generously provides its own! And here’s another quick tip, either save those rich juices to use in other dishes or have another cut (like ox tails, neck bones, spareribs-I’ll even throw those tough shanks in it) ready to braze in immediately after.

  • Set your crock pot to low and let it go! 

If it’s a larger roast I like it to go for about 12 hours, I want to to just fall apart effortlessly with a fork. That way it’s perfect for tacos! 

From here you build your taco how you like it!

We get out the cast iron skillet and heat up our white corn tortillas, spread a small dollop of sour cream across it, add your shredded beef, salsa (we make a cooked salsa with tomatoes, tomatillos, onion and a variety of peppers), and a sprinkle of whatever type shredded cheese you have handy.

Seriously easy, seriously delicious!

Pack up your leftover beef and reheat with some of the juices and repeat for an even easier meal at another point during the week! Or, better yet,  throw the beef on top of some tortillas chips with some shredded cheese and you got a pan of beefy nachos!! Your family is gonna love ya, for sure!!!

Your Cook,


PS Here’s where I put some spareribs in the Chuck roast juices after making tacos!

PPS eat your bone marrow, its super healthy for you!

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