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Soy-free, Organic Chicken

Roasted Turkey

We are proud to finally have pastured chicken back on the menu! 

We have recently partnered up with Jessop Farms LLC to bring you the very best soy-free, organically fed chicken! 

Their feed is home-made; organic wheat, barley and garbanzo beans bringing you a healthy and well-balanced chicken. Plus some land under foot, makes a wonderfully full-bodied whole chicken to fill your freezer. 

Cornish cross, raised outside with sunshine! 

We average 6lbs on our final product. 

We guarantee a  4.5lb bird. 


30.00 per bird

Heart & neck included


We are excited to announce we will have pasture-raised Turkey available for Thanksgiving dinner! 

These birds are roughly 14-20lbs



Non-GMO, Soy-free & Organic Feed

Raised by the lovely Jessop Family who has brought you delicious pastured chicken!

Delivery is to be determined, as soon as we have details you will be notified of your delivery date.

A deposit of $30 is to be placed to hold your spot. The total for a whole turkey is $100, with the remainder of $70 due at pick-up.

Please contact us with any questions. 


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