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Meats prep:

1lb    Heart - pan fried low in butter to med-well or medium

1lb    Liver - pan fried in butter at low heat till med-well

1lb     Kidney - BBQ till well done with butt rub

1lb    Cheek meat - simmered till fork tender

1lb    Spleen - simmer till fork tender

1lb    Thymus/pancreas - simmer till fork tender

1lb    Tongue - simmer till fork tender

2lb    Suet

3    Star anise

1    Small hunk of cinnamon

1/4t    clove

5    Cardamom pods

2inch    fresh ginger

Haggis Spices:

2T    Salt

2T    Crushed coriander seeds

1T    Ground cumin

2T    Thyme

2T    Mustard seeds (whole or broken)

2T    Garlic powder

2T    Onion powder


Optional for binding:

1/2C    flour 

1C    Water

Final prep:

  1. Cheek, spleen, sweetbreads, tongue, anise, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger can be lightly simmered together in a large pot to save time, or cook separately if desired.  

  2. Remove each meat as it becomes fork tender. Sweetbreads are generally ready after 1 to 2 hours.  Spleen takes about 2 to 3 hours, tongue and cheek take about 3 to 5 hours.  

  3. Take all the cooked meats, let cool.  Grind all meats to small pieces.  

  4. Grind raw suet.  

  5. Mix the meats and suet with the Haggis Spices.  If desired, you can now add the flour and water.

  6. Put the mixture through the grinder again.

  7. This mixture can now be treated like raw sausage meat.  Stuff into casing or form into patties.  

  8. Cook till desired temperature.

  9. After cooking, the final product is loose unless you used the flour and water for better binding.

  10.   This can now be eaten with gravy, mixed into stuffing, tacos, burritos, dumplings, chili, stuffed into sausage casing, taco salad… 

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