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  • Pancetta (If you do not have it, I would recommend a very thin sliced bacon, no pepper!) Set aside several pieces, and dice. 

  • Medium Onion - Diced 

  • 3 Carrots - Washed, sliced into thin sticks and diced

  • Shallots - Optional. Finely diced.

  • Kosher Salt / Black Pepper

  • All purpose flour

  • Rosemary & Thyme (fresh)

  • Red Wine 2 cups (or dry white wine)

  • Beef broth 2 cups (or chicken broth)

  • Package of DCR short ribs, bone in. 

  • Take your diced pancetta, and toss into your dutch oven on medium heat. Cook the pancetta until crispy, when all the fat has been rendered and your oven is filled with the beautiful flavor. (Roughly 10 min)

  • Lay you short ribs on a flat surface and sprinkle, ever so gently, your kosher salt. Season liberally with black pepper as well. 

  • Throw some all purpose flour on a plate and cover all sides of the short ribs in flour

    Set aside while you prepare the pan

  • Turn your stove-top on high heat, drizzle some olive oil in with the pancetta grease. 

  • When oil is heated, place in your floured short ribs

  • Sear. No more than 45 secs on all sides, careful to get them seared and brown. Set on a separate plate. 

  • Without cleaning your dutch oven (that cooked your ribs) toss in carrots, shallots and onion. 

  • Stir, and cook until veggies start to soften. 

  • Pour in 2 cups red wine! (White DRY wine works as well!) Use a wise to scrape the bottom of the pan, where all that flavor is sitting.

  • Bring mixture to a boil, and cook for 2 min. 

  • Pour in 2 cups beef (or chicken) broth

  • Place browned short ribs into cooking liquid

  • Toss in a couple sprigs of rosemary and thyme


“I’m in love with this world. Just look at what it provides us: root vegetables from the ground. Fragrant herbs from the fertile soil. Meat, to nourish our bones. Wine, to nourish everything else.” - The pioneer woman


  • Toss in leftover pancetta!

  • Place lid on your dutch oven, set oven to 350 and cook for 2 hours. 

  • After 2 hours, drop heat to 325 and cook for addition 30-45 min. 

  • Ribs should be tender, with delicious meat falling of the bone. Let sit for 20 min.

This dish goes very well with polenta! 


adapted from the pioneer woman

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