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Get Your Beef in Bulk!

How can buying your beef by the 1/4 help you?

Let me start by saying the first and foremost, it is a budget friendly expense.

You will receive T-bone steaks, Round steaks, tri-tip, chuck roasts, rib roasts and London broil for the same price of BURGER!

With a 1/4, there are specific amounts of each - With a 1/2 that can go however you prefer!

You decide thickness, weights, amounts per package. All to your preference.

In the example of a quarter, you can get all of these delicious grass-fed cuts at 8.50 per pound! Similar ‘grass-fed’ products range from 15-30$ per pound for steaks!

Now tell me, doesn’t that peak your interest just a little?

Imagine, it is Sunday morning. You let yourself (or rather, you were ‘allowed’ but the more rambunctious lot in the house) to sleep in. You’re dressed, having you preferred cup of whatever to get the gears going and -

What are we having for dinner? I read this recipe on Pinterest…. Or I was told to try this cooking technique out.. Shoot, I think I have to grab that cut.

NOPE. Not a problem for you anymore. You float towards your freezer, open it up and see the glorious white butcher paper of your favorite grass-fed beef.

I might have gotten a little carried away, but it happens like this to me!

Short ribs, bottom round roasts, stew meats.. So many opportunities with far more bang for your buck than quick stops to *insert your grocery of choice*!

And if you haven’t the room, or money for a quarter? Like a lot of our amazing customers, simply ask around! Get neighbors, family, club members and enjoy trustworthy beef together!

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Ahmed Webs
Ahmed Webs
Feb 14, 2022

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